Five Basic Principles To Save You Thousands Of Euros

So how can you save thousands of Euros on a Spanish villa on the Orihuela Costa? 

There are a number of ways in which you can save money, but there are some basic principles which if followed will give you a head start.

Cheap Villas Are In Cheap Towns

There are many towns or ubanisations inland where you can enjoy a good lifestyle, with good infrastructure, schools, supermarkets and healthcare, and easily buy a detached villa built to a high standard for under €100,000 or a semi-detached for under €80,000. Some of the towns and urbanisations are just a matter of minutes away from sandy beaches and clear blue seas of the Orihuela Costa.

However, if you are of working age you will struggle to gain employment in a good job or at least a job equal to what you have been use to at home. These towns and urbanisations are ideal to retire to or relocate to if you are self-employed or a professional that is not dependent on the location. The towns and urbanisations are becoming increasingly popular with those who run internet based businesses and who want a quality property at a competitive price.

Some Villas Are Simply Cheap

You have a profile of your ideal villa and you know the area you want to live, but what you have seen is still to expensive ? Do not be afraid to seek out alternatives which can include other areas nearby or other types of villas.

Throughout Spain leading builders have built multiple developments of the same style villas in the local area in phases, but not necessary immediately next to the preceding phase. Therefore if you are after a specific style which is too expensive in one area then the chances are high that you can find the same style villa elsewhere locally for less. 

Many villas irrespective of the builder or style offer exactly or with a slight variance the same layout internally, but the outside facing features are a signature of a specific builder. Always look further than what you see on the outside.

This principle in no way means buying a sub-standard villa on to save some Euros, or living in a more poorer part of a town. It is about meeting your requirements and remaining open minded to alternatives which will achieve the same for less.

Make An Offer

You can strike a good deal and save some money if you know some basic negotiating skills. You do not need to be an expert and anyone can master the basics. There are plenty of written resources available on the internet, but also check out YouTube for some coaching lessons that you can watch and re-watch.

Do your homework. Research whether any similar neighbouring properties are also for sale to enable you to benchmark your offer. Many villas are for sale without property boards advertising the fact, so you will need to check online portals like or and the local real estate agents offices or via their websites.

Do not be fooled by advertisements where it says “villa comes fully furnished” or “villa comes part furnished”, this adds no value to the villa and should not be taken into consideration when making an offer. You want the villa, not the contents ! Most sellers in Spain will leave the property fully or part furnished when they move out anyway.

Remember there is plenty of used and new villas for sale in Spain, it is a buyers market. Making a realistic offer which you can support with factual information will give you credibility with the seller but also confidence in yourself when making an offer.

Everyday people get cheap Spanish villas through good negotiating !

Financial Arrangements 

How you finance the purchase of your villa can save you a lot of money. You may decide that the villa is worth the full asking price, yet still spend less than another person might buying the same property. The price is not just the only thing that makes the property affordable, but how you finance your villa.

Many real estate agents will be able to offer you financing, but remember most work with financial providers and therefore are working on commission for referrals, and may in some cases also charge administration fees for processing your paperwork.

Whilst using a financial broker may save you time, there will be a cost which can be avoided if you do your own research on the internet. For the best terms and interest rates go direct to the main financial providers. 

Learn To Save Money On Everything

At every stage in the purchase of your villa you can save money. No one pays the full price for anything these days, always look around for the best deals on everything from interest rates to legal fees and ensure you get everything in writing, and when quotes are involved that they have a realistic validity date.

Someone has always gone before you and the internet has various guides to help you through the buying process in Spain and save money. So if you are confident you can choose to do as much or as little as possible in the purchase process.